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Apostle Suleman Reveals the secret of His wealth!

Apostle Suleman Reveals the secret of His wealth!
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founder, Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman has revealed the secret of his wealth, while speaking about the CAMA BILL 2020, he explained that Pastors reap from the investment on people over the years.
Apostle Johnson Suleman revealed that most great men of God like Pastor Adeboye , Bishop Oyedepo including himself are living on the investment on people over many years.
He further explained that the tithes and offering of his church is used for church maintenance which includes diesel and general maintenance. Apostle Suleman said , he paid a personal tithe of 4.6 million to his state government, he however cautioned believers to be careful what they read on social media, speaking about the CAMA 2020 act , he said why would I respect a bill that doesn’t respect the law, the government has no right to regulate churches in Nigeria, in other foreign nations like USA, government can regulate charity organizations because they give grants to these organizations, he explained that during the lockdown, some of these organizations received a lot of money from government, so it was necessary for it to be regulated but that is not the case in Nigeria, Churches don’t receive nothing from government.



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