Posted on 01/11/22 2:09 PM


Apostle Suleman gifts Cook A Brand New House

Apostle Suleman gifts Cook A Brand New House

On the 9th Jan; the restoration Apostle during the Sunday service called out his cook and handover to her the documents of a house property that was given to the church.

According to the restoration, the woman which is his house cook has stayed with him in his house for over 10 years. And with the value the woman placed on him, she contacted the Anointing of the restoration Apostle and now the cook is now prophesying accurately to people, holding a crusade in differend places in Edo State. To the Glory of God.

Of recent the cook held a crusade in Agenegbode town, Edo State ?? and during the crusade service, she called out a woman by prophecy and prophecied accurately to the woman about her daughter in the US. After she prophecied, she gave a prophetic word to the woman and pray for a seven-fold restoration. And God honour her words and they came to pass.

And the daughter in the US said to her mother what can we do to repay the God of APOSTLE JOHNSON SULEMAN? and she say to her mother that the house which she has built in Agenegbode town should be handover to the church (OFM)

And the restoration Apostle called out the cook and handover the house to her in Sunday service 9th January.

David (169)