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Apostle Arome Birthday Note to Rev. Gideon Odoma

Apostle Arome Birthday Note to Rev. Gideon Odoma
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My friend, co-labourer, burden sharer and vision booster. It’s been a great honour to build along side you in the gospel of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

You’re a brother indeed because there’s no guile in you. Your ministry is productively heavy on us all, completely dematerialising the fluffiness of falsehood in all its textures and hues. It’s therefore stating the obvious, that, you are a pure vessel of truth. No wonder the Lord delights in blowing at high decibels through your heart and mouth to our generation.

Your words and deeds are shaped by righteousness, they’re loaded with grace and I and all who hear me have been so blessed.

Thanks for your unreserved commitment to Jesus. Thanks for burning intensely for the kingdom. Thanks for being an addition and multiplier to the body of Christ.

Happy birthday God’s Apostle, Gideon Odoma. I and the RCN family love and celebrate you greatly, sir!

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