Akinpelumi Charges Bloggers ;it’s better to make your naira than trying to make cents that frustrate your audience

Akinpelumi Charges Bloggers ;it’s better to make your naira than trying to make cents that frustrate your audience
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**Exclusive Interview With Akinpelumi Akinboye**

Akinpelumi, Akinboye is a seasoned Digital Marketing professional and Blogger who has created and kept up corporate and individual Blogs. He has additionally maintained healthy customer engagement, developed strategies for small and big businesses over the last six (6) years.

Mr Akinpelumi had a chat with Henotace, i can tell you, my respect for this great blogger grew over a thousand time, he gave a lot of punchlines am yet to recover from, read to the end to find out what am saying.

*Good morning, Can we meet you Sir ?

Akinpelumi, Akinboye is my name. I am the founder of the gospel music download website www.believerscompanion.com

I also have my personal blog www.theakinakinboye.com where I share digital marketing tips, blogging tips and sometimes news

I was born into a Baptist family of 7. My father, Mother and 5 kids (I am the last child).

I attended Osun State Polytechnic, Iree and also Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State.

  • What Motivated you into Blogging ?

Blogging for me is a gift. But I’ve always been a curious person.

My curiosity led me into blogging.
It all started when I was looking for a particular song to download.

I searched via Google, saw a lot of webpages, clicked to download the song but they all seem to be deceitful.

Bunch of adverts, and when you click on the link to download, more adverts, no download.

I was angered really.

So I asked myself, what will it take to build a website where it will be easy to download songs?

No adverts, just open, click, download and enjoy

I started making research, the research led me into blogging.

And when I consider what it will take to create a user-friendly blog, I discovered it align with my area of strength.

I have degree in Computer Science and coding excites me. And managing people is a natural skill.

So, I merge these two together to create what we all have today

  • Sir, you blog both gospel music and secular write ups, how do you combine the two ?.

Gospel music and secular write-ups? Laughs

You see, every single song you listen to, there is a message that comes with it. Irrespective of who the singer is.

For instance, I wrote an article on Naira Marley’s song, Tesumole.

If you read that article, you will understand the message from a different angle. He said some really nasty words, but then, there are a lot of other things he said that makes sense.

Except you want to deceive yourself, the so-called secular songs cannot be avoided.

They are in your car stereo, your radio, your television, everything that surrounds you. Instead of you trying to force your kids not to listen (because they will eventually listen to it), change their perspective.

This is why sometimes I write about trending songs.

So many people will not agree with me, but that’s fine.

Gospel music is life. I love to be a life giver. I need life myself because I struggle with a lot of things.

  • Sir, you are also a seasoned Digital Marketing professional ,
    Can you tell us a little about Digital Marketing ?
    What really is digital marketing ?

Digital Marketing is anything you do to market what you do online.

Anything at all.

And for you to succeed in doing that, you need an audience.

If you are posting things that have just 1view, 1like, 1share. You’re not marketing anything online, you’re just talking to yourself

  • The question on the lips on every blogger is how to grow organically, with your experience, can you give us tips with real experience of your blogs ?

I’m currently working on my book where I shared the tips of how I get 20 million organic blog readers in 1 year.

Sir, you once posted on your WhatsApp status, the day you hit 100,000 views ! How did you do it ?

One of the points I spent time to explain is relevance and consistency.

If you post relevant topics, and you’re consistent in posting and reaching more audience, you will grow a community not a fan base.

Having a fanbase is great. But building a community online is the ultimate among all

  • Aside from digital marketing & blogging, do you do any other business ?

Aside from Blogging and DM, I have an 8 to 5 job

  • There are no paid ads on your blogs, the question is how do you generate money from your blog ?

Like I mentioned earlier, one of my turnoffs while searching for a song back in the days was the number of adverts I saw on those webpages.

What most bloggers need to know is this, it’s better to make your naira than trying to make cents (that frustrate your audience)

There are a lot of ads generating website, affiliate marketing platforms and the rest of them. You can make money from them for real, but the question is, are you giving a quality service to the one’s that matter the most? Your audience.

If you treat your blog as a source of income, you might lose the people.

But if you concentrate on meeting the needs of the people, your blog will only be a channel to sources of income.

I make money from promoting songs, writing reviews of songs, I also advertise brands but in strategic positions.

I speak at events, online classes, etc.

There are a lot of other ways you can make money blogging.

You just have to think about it, identify your area of strength and then build on that

  • This is a straight answer sir, can a gospel blogger live entirely on blogging ?


There are a lot of people who blog full time and they are doing a wonderful job.

The Gospel industry lacks enough hand. There are a lot of contents begging for uploads.

Some months ago I did a write up about Sinach, her song, “way maker”, I discovered that her song, waymaker had been remixed in more than 10 different artiste from around the world. I researched into the topic and I came up with an interesting article.

That article made it to Opera News, and some other top news website.

Recently, Sinach news was all over the internet. She was ranked amidst the most popular musician in the country. Personally, I was happy. I had this level of fulfilment.

  • Aside blogging and digital marketing now sir, let’s go personal, Tell us about your relationship/ Marriage.

I’m single.

  • Many upcoming bloggers aspire to be like you. What word of advice can you give them ?

Don’t aspire to be like me. Be the best you.

Where do you see gospel music in the next 5 years ?

Gospel Music is beginning to make the right wave as expected (by me).

See what Sinach, Tim Godfrey, Eben, Mercy Chinwo, TY Bello and the host of others are doing.

We have the audience, all we need to do is to take the contents to the audience. If the circular guys can use this strategy to register their tunes to the heart of as many people as they can reach, we can do more.

This is just the beginning.

  • Thanks for the time Sir

Thank you so much for having me

Henotace Team (7)

David Oshin is a Minister of the Gospel, Online Publisher, Gospel Blogger, and an Educationist. He is very passionate about UNITY of the body of Christ.


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