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Abel Damina Attacks Pastor Enenche, Fox is a figure of Speech

Abel Damina Attacks Pastor Enenche, Fox is a figure of Speech
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  • The bible is a book of literature, dummies cannot understand it.
  • Abel damina takes side with freeze.

Senior Pastor Power city International church, Abel Damina, has criticized pastor Enenche for calling freeze a mad dog, speaking at a specialized service, he explained that when Jesus called herod a fox, it didn’t mean herod was a wild dog, Jesus was using a figure of speech to describe a character in herod that is similar to that of a fox, he explained further that Jesus was describing the cunning nature in herod.
Abel Damina explained that believers should be careful of pastors that curse, when you cross their part, it is danger.
According to him, the bible is a book of literature , only intelligent people can understand it not a dummy, he encouraged ministers of the gospel to be educated, the future is not for uneducated people, its not too late to go to school he said, there is adult education.



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