A very huge part of my life has been characterized by so much drama – Bro Mike Bamiloye

B R O. M I K E B A M I L O Y E
A very huge part of my life has been characterized by so much drama. And I do not just mean drama in the figurative sense. I mean DRAMA DRAMA. My earliest memories on stage was standing on top of a table, in Primary 1, and acting as Prophet Elijah. I remember my first lines were along the lines of something like this…. “In the next one year, this woman Hannah will be with a Son” . Since then, I have loved the spotlight. I was officially initiated into Theatre by my elder brother @temitayofemioke in secondary school. It made boarding school more bearable. It helps when you’re popular amongst senior students…. Less bullying….
But I never really knew the power drama wielded until my University days. My oh my. I remember standing on Amphi Theatre stage, after months of stage and dance overnight rehearsals, tongue-blasting marathon prayer sessions and comprehensive bible study,,,,, we would then stand on that stage, projecting life-altering lines into the ears of over 6 thousand people. Everyone as quiet as a mouse. Powerful demonstrations of the works of God through @ujcm_oau drama. The way we held their attention for hours. We knew we had them. And we had them for good. Atmosphere charged like thunder, power packed ministrations followed up by testimonies of lives being changed… We dared to address issues. We spoke the balanced truth of the scriptures… We were in one accord about our message… And every front was united…Nobody can tell me drama isn’t an evangelical tool. I have used it, and yes it works.
@mikebamiloye and @gloriabamiloye of @mztelevision . Thanks for leading a path for us all to follow. Thanks for taking all the bruises of pathfinding, so that we could follow. Thanks for yielding to Jesus. Our generation thanks you. The body of Christ has been greatly helped by your CALLING. We are glad we have you. God bless you. To all Christian Drama Ministers out there, let’s keep dramatizing the SCRIPTure. Jesus is our Message. ACTION!!!!

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