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A People Whose Time Has Come

A People Whose Time Has Come
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A wise man once said, you cannot stop an idea whose time has Come ! 60 years of independence, but it appears as though the time of the Nation rebirth is here.
Its no more news that a systemic change is imminent and obviously from the most of unlikely sources ( the Nigerian youth ). As we watched the drama that has unfolded in the last 9 days or more, it can only be a simple conclusion, it cannot be ordinary. Come to think of it , is the “lazy youths” as described by the president of Nigeria, wait! Are we talking about the youths who have turned internet scam to business, it beats my imagination more than yours! So something good can come out of our “Nazareth”.
We are a people whose time has come, it has never happened in this history of the country, youths will have ONE VOICE, across denominations, secular movements, gospel music artistes, social media influencers and much more.
The coordination so far has been impeccable, everyday I stumble on the news, I think about the love, loyalty and unity of the great leaders of tomorrow. I see the prophetic word of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome coming to pass with speed, according to him, Nigeria will be built by Nigerians. The more the opposition against them, the more their strong position on their demands.
Surprise, surprise, President could consent to their demands, but this goes in history, and the landscape of Nigeria politics has changed dimension.
A people whose time has come, you can’t stop an idea whose time has arrived, the more you threaten, the more they wax stronger.




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