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After Enoch Adeboye resolved his opulent appointment at the University of Ilorin where he enjoyed the luxurious life of a senior lecturer. the decision to accept the responsibities of the Office of the General Overseer made it obvious that he had to give up his house at the University which was a mansion. the boys -quaters at the back of his house was a two bedroom apartment and there was another guest lodge of two bedroom Charlet attached to the house.

It was an extreme sacrifice for Enoch and Folu Adeboye to give up all he had worked for to answer the call of God, in a short while they parked their belongings from the massive accommodation to a tiny one bedroom apartment in the house of the founder at Mushin which was not enough to hold his books, it was in course of the struggles that Adeboye prayed to God asking him to provide a more decent accomodation because of the children, that was when God told him I will not just give you an accomodation but an entire city.

One phenomenon worthy of mention was the support and submission of his beloved wife Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye..the sudden change of lifestyle from the very comfortable to the stringent life of poverty because of Christ could be a horrifying experience for any woman. She could have left parking, she stood her ground and continued to be of immense support in those moment of trials, behind any glory their is a story. We join the whole world to celebrate a woman of virtue this day. Happy Birthday Mummy G. O, Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye. We wish you Joy Unspeakable with many fruitful returns.

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