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When it was time for Solomon to be anointed as king, Zadok the priest took a horn of oil out of the tabernacle. This was the same oil that God ordered Moses to produce and have it kept in the tabernacle (see Exodus 30 vs. 22-33). One of the components of the oil from the tabernacle, was the oil of myrrh. Myrrh has a pleasant fragrance, but also has a bitter taste. So Solomon was anointed with oil with a bitter taste but great fragrance.

Friend, sometimes, when God wants to take you to the top, He allows you to go through what you may consider to be bitter experiences. Sometimes, God may allow you to face betrayals, backstabbing, subterfuge, contentions, oppositions, confrontations, etc. God may allow you to go through experiences which if you were to choose, you would never want to choose them. God may allow you to literally taste bitter stuff like myrrh.

Notice that the same myrrh that was bitter also had a great fragrance. Hear me as I hear the Lord: the same bitter experiences you would rather not have, have been positioned to make your life have a better fragrance. The same betrayals you would want to wish away, is God’s way of making your life smell good. Your bitter experiences of today, are for a future glory. Your bitter experiences of today are preparing you to smell good.

Notice that Solomon was not going to drink the oil. The oil was to be put on him. So what was meant to be a bitter taste of the myrrh, was not going to get into his mouth. As you go through life, ensure that the bitter things that come your way do not really get in the inside of you. Don’t allow the wickedness of men to get inside of you. Don’t allow the painful experiences you go through to make you bitter on the inside.

Remember, the pain and bitterness of the myrrh, is for your pleasant fragrance. No matter the bitter experiences that God brings you to, it will end in a great fragrance.

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