If you go to big brother naija today, 99% of the names you will hear are Christian names, but they are children.

Even though they have been born into the realm of light but they are still ruled by the system of this world. It is so pathetic that you will never find a muslim name there, you will hardly find a mohammed there, you will hardly find an aminat there.

It is Christians that should carry light that are so much of puppet in the hands of the devil, go to more than 50% of the homes of Christians, what are they doing in this season?

They are watching big brother naija, there is no message there, no edification, no Christ, they are just watching lust and whoredom and importing spirits into their families because they do not know that spirits travel on vibration , as you hear those sounds and see those sights you are downloading spirits into your house because when they talk about those nudity.

When they talk about those immoral and serpentine lifestyle, they are importing a kingdom and government into your house and you will watch it until your parlour will become a portal of demons, because you don’t know that that those sights and those words transmit demons.

They talk iniquity, they talk immorality, they talk whoredom until your house will become charged with demons and you will not know why suddenly you will start thinking of divorcing your wife, you will know why suddenly you will start thinking of having extra-marital relationships, you will not know why suddenly quarrel hits the family because the same quarrel you are watching, the same manipulation you are watching in the program will step into your room because the program was sponsored by spirits and the sights of those programs are gateways into your life.

When you see people delight in such things even though their title is Apostle , they are babes, it shows you the ream where they are working.






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Henotace Team (7)

David Oshin is a Minister of the Gospel, Online Publisher, Gospel Blogger, and an Educationist. He is very passionate about UNITY of the body of Christ.


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