2 Weeks After Going Gospel, Rapper Timi Kei Is Set To Drop “The Glory Mixtape” Tomorrow

Timi Kei is set to drop ‘The Glory Mixtape’ just two weeks after he released the lead single and video for the mixtape.

On the lead single titled same as the mixtape, he recounts how God saved him from an addiction that almost cost him his life.

Port-Harcourt based lyricist and prodigy of afro hip-hop and soul music, Timi Kei, is back again with another hit project, The Glory.

Hailed by many as one of the best rappers in Nigeria, Timi Kei has his roots in early 21st century American hip hop and Nigerian pop cultures. His music is a fine blend of hip hop, gospel, soul and African-ness, as he calls it, relying on realistic but still out of this world type lyrics and pleasantly clear delivery.

His latest track ‘The Glory’ was released on February 19th, 2021 accompanied by a short film titled ‘My Glory Story’ which tells the story of how his life was drastically transformed from being a drug addict to being completely clean for over 4yrs now with surprisingly no trace of drug or damage to his system. In his own words: ‘I cried out to God for help, knowing that this was beyond me and I got that help. I’m free today.’

‘The Glory’ hits home for many people battling with addictions, depression, anxiety, and has prompted people to come out and testify to the glory of God in their own lives. This song and Timi Kei’s inspiring story reminds us that there is no such thing as a hopeless case with God.

The Glory Lyrics excerpt:

‘Grace is released from the Ancient of DAYS

Enforcing satan’s defeat, he can’t delay my blessings

Praise invokes the very presence of The Lord

Chains are broken

Every effort is supported by His infinite ability

Passing it on to the Prince of Peace

Talking about every ounce of glory

Just look at how He announced the homie

From nobody to a blessing

He’s more than worthy to be referenced’

‘The Glory’ is available on YouTube and audio streaming platforms Click here

Check out Timi Kei’s ‘My Glory Story’ here


We anticipate the project tomorrow. Stay Tuned.

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